Very weird glitch on android

Hi, I’ve had my website for a few months. Recently, I noticed a very weird issue on Android – all the meshes on the website are distorted and the animations jitter.

I don’t usually use Android, so I’m not sure when this issue started. All I know is that everything was fine when I tested it on an Android phone a few weeks ago. I haven’t made any significant changes to the files.

I’ve attached the screenshot here, and you can also check it here: It only glitches on the browsers on Android (Chrome etc); all other OSes seem fine. Do you know what could have happened?

  1. Are you using custom shaders?
  2. Are you using displacementMaps?

Looks like shader precision issue.

No I didn’t use either of them. Any modifiers like subdivision surface have been baked when exported from blender. On iOS the website plays perfectly which is odd.

I might be mistaken, but this looks like a precision error to me. Try setting precision to mediump or highp in the WebGLRenderer options object.


Thanks! Removing the precision option fixed it. Lowering precision increased performance and looked fine up until about a week ago, which I find quite odd!

Anyways, thanks again for your help!