Skinning bug (only on mobile) GLTF

I came across a bug and would like to know what you think about it.

I have a skinned mesh character (body + cloth are skinned) and in my test scene everything works fine on PC but on mobile chrome the cloth mesh is not skinned (see attached image). File format is WebGL. You can try it out here:

Any WebGL support issues or what else could it be? (Samsung Galaxy A7 2018)

Thank you!

Your demo runs fine on my Pixel (1). This issue is probably related to the mobile device and its GPU. Do you see the same problems with the official three.js examples? E.g.

thank you for the fast reply.

All demos work perfectly fine on my mobile device also (

I just can’t come to a good explanation why only one mesh is weighted correctly.

Any other ideas?


It doesn’t seem to support float textures, in this case the bone matrices will be passed as uniforms which are limited though, how many bones does this model has? Does your mobile browser support WebGL2?

If it does, check this when creating the renderer and prefer WebGL2 if available since the extensions are standard, this case of the missing extension appeared multiple times for some now.


Hi @Fyrestar,
this is just perfect to know. By using WEBGL2 ( the bug disappears. Thank you for the explanation and the solution. That’s why I love three.js - amazing support!


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