Unable to enable SSR and Bloom

Here’s my sandbox
I have added SSR, and post processing nodes but i am unable to get them activated in the render.

What could be the issue in my code, why isnt the floor reflecting the emissions.

you are not rendering with the composer. and even if, it’s missing a renderpass. and if that’s fixed, the distance is way too large.

const params = {
    distance: 1,
    intensity: 1,

composer.addPass(new POSTPROCESSING.RenderPass(scene, camera))
composer.addPass(new POSTPROCESSING.EffectPass(camera, fxaaEffect, ssrEffect, bloomEffect, vignetteEffect));

const update = () => {
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thanks a lot, you saved my ass I have been stuck with this for last three days and i didn’t know the solution was so easy.