SSR with bloom effect

Hello! Is there a way to use ssr pass with bloom?

Hello, what effect do you want in the end, apply BloomPass first or SSRPass first? Apply to the same object or different objects?

I made a quick test and they seem to be able to coexist, but may not the final effect you want.

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Thanks a lot @gonnavis! This is what I want. I am using the react-three-fiber package to create my scene and I am having problems trying to resize the window. Please see this in the console.
There is also a moire pattern on the radiator grille. FXAA doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Thanks so much again

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My idea is to achieve the same visual quality as in this sketchfab scene

Also it doesn’t seem to work with SSAOPass

Sorry I have not learn react-three-fiber, and there was no resizing problem in my demo above, so I don’t know where the problem is.

I’ll try many AAPasses including FXAAPass, and SSAOPass, work with SSRPass later.

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No problem! Also I saw this library, it would be cool if SSRPass can work together

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Also I see that SSR doesn’t work with TAA and SSAA. SMAA and FXAA works good but not enough

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Have you tried SSR with MSAA?

No, I only used the AAs presented here

combining sao and fxaa partially solves the problem, but sao is not suitable for light backgrounds.


Can you manage to solve the SSAO with SSR?