Reflection in model

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great day.
I’m looking for a way to create reflections of parts of the model.

It only reflects with scene.enviroment.


try adding ssr pass three.js examples

fps drop will be quite intense though

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Hi, thanks for these hints.
But when I apply them, it seems that all materials are reflective.

is those materials using mesh standard


is roughness close to 1 ?

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I have solved. It’s about ‘selects’ in ssrPass.
I have a problem that FXAA is NOT working.

I’m trying to try fxaa but it’s not working.

			composer = new EffectComposer( renderer );
			ssrPass = new SSRPass( {
				width: container.offsetWidth ,
				height: container.offsetHeight,
                                encoding: THREE.sRGBEncoding,
			} );
	composer.addPass( ssrPass );
	composer.addPass( new ShaderPass( GammaCorrectionShader ) );
	fxaaPass = new ShaderPass( FXAAShader );
	const pixelRatio = renderer.getPixelRatio();
	fxaaPass.material.uniforms[ 'resolution' ].value.x = 1 / ( container.offsetWidth * pixelRatio );
	fxaaPass.material.uniforms[ 'resolution' ].value.y = 1 / ( container.offsetHeight * pixelRatio );
        composer.addPass( fxaaPass );

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oh yeah you can pass ‘selects’

@gonnavis can you help out with enabling AA?

Hello, AFAIK, FXAA depends only on the final result img of previous passes, i.e. the writeBuffer, what is already supported by SSRPass.
And tried SSRPass with FXAA, saw them do work togeter.
But, for performance reason, FXAA it self is a very approximately antialias solution, so may not has very good result.
I’ll comfirm if SSRPass works with other AAPasses.


Thanks for sharing this info this is useful.

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