Ultra high definition textures display blurry on the mobile version of Baidu Browser

My project is to apply an ultra-high definition texture to BoxGeometry. The texture has 4.9MB (12000 * 6000). This project uses the built-in browser of the mobile version of DingTalk to display clearly, but the display is blurry when using the mobile version of Baidu browser. Emphasize that this is done on the same phone. What could be the reason for this?


Sorry, the image labeling is incorrect. The correct information is as follows:

same issue as here:

None of these will display your texture at the right resolution. They both resized by three.js to the max size allowed by the GPU/webGL setup of the device/browser.

Usualy max resolution is 2048px on mobile webgl.
You can check limit from mobile here: https://webglreport.com

@Wu_sf here is some alternative test for your image.

Try opening my Texture Viewer in both DingTalk and Baidu. If you can see it in either browser then try loading your image locally or via URL to see how it shows.

This viewer is using HDRJPGLoader from gainmap-js to load certain image formats (EXR, HDR, JPEG, PNG, WEBP) and you might even be able to try it in your code.

The code of my viewer can be seen here.
I did not test it on multiple mobile devices, just on an Android phone.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your help. I use URL to see the image, the effect is the same in both DingTalk and Baidu.