Tips on particle ORB 🔮

I got some help on this forum a couple days ago and it was really helpful getting a place to start. I found a video of a particle orb that I have trouble even explaining. It rotates, is very fluid like and it is perfect for a project I am working on. It does not need to move like theirs does when they move the window. I just would like to be able to recreate the main orb.

People have mentioned Soft body physics and FBO particles and It was a great place to start but was wondering if anybody would be willing to lend some more terminology, code, links, or ideas that I can use to try and recreate this. Thanks! :pray:

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 12.38.59 PM

Have a look at these : Search results for 'GPGPU #showcase' - three.js forum

You need to understand the basics of offset positions and perlin/simplex noise from vertex shader first.
Look for a basic tutorials of building a wobbly sphere with custom shader

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