ThreeJS light probes


I’m working on blender plugin which export probes (irradiance grid and reflection cubemap). It is still in progress but it has enough features to be integrated with existing engine.

I didn’t see much stuff about threejs supporting light probes it so I would like to work also on some plugin which extends existing light system with probes. Is anyone is also interested to work on something like this or know existing work ?



three.js has a basic light probe implementation. There is the LightProbe class itself as well as a LightProbeGenerator that can be used to generate a light probe from cube textures/render targets.

There is also a WIP PR by @donmccurdy which adds a LightProbeVolume class.

I think it’s best if you use this implementation as a basis for your exporter since LightProbeVolume can read irradiance data from JSON files. It would be great if your Blender exporter could support the respective JSON format.


Thanks, really interesting stuff.

I forgot to share the link of the blender plugin repo. It works out the box by just installing the plugin source in blender.

for info It exports :

  • irradiance probes grid as cubemaps sheet (one sheet per grid, SH not supported yet)
  • and reflection cubemap as multi level roughness level cubemap sheet.