Probes volume purposal for three JS

Hi, I’m working on a probes volume baking solution using blender and three JS.

One part is a blender plugin which bake reflection / irradiance volumes into cubemaps. Ideally it would support lightmap baking.

The other part is integration of these probes into threeJS. Ideally I would like to the threeJS part to be a complete integration in the engine (a pull request is in the back oven).

For now I have a working proto available here :

I’m looking for some technical feedback as my not an expert on the low level part of the engine.

You can see technical appraoach on the repos readme

The three JS proto repo : GitHub - gillesboisson/blender-probes-export: Blender plugin allowing to precompute reflectance, indirect luminance from blender and export data for use in external engine
The blender plugin repo : GitHub - gillesboisson/threejs-probes-test

In case you need some history about probes in three JS, there is the original PR :