Per-mesh indirect lighting and LightProbes

Hi all,
I’m playing with THREE.WebGLCubeRenderTarget to capture surroundings in a given location and use such information to feed material.envMap.
So far I successfully used multiple CubeCamera to do this in different locations and perform a spatial assignment to each mesh for correct reflections.

Everything works fine except indirect lighting is missing, so I had a look at the examples using THREE.LightProbe for irradiance environment maps.

As far as I understood, I can build a LightProbe using LightProbeGenerator.fromCubeRenderTarget from CubeCamera result and add it to the scene.

Although it is not clear to me if only one LightProbe can be present in the scene, and it looks like there is no possibility to arrange multiple LightProbe in the 3D space (it seems so).

So far I was able to compute sh coefficients for different locations, so my question is: is it possible somehow to apply these coefficients (or computed irradiance map) to a single mesh/material ?

Hope my question is clear

I am lookin for the same thing in threejs, per-object LightProbe
I tried baking adding multiple probes in different places but it seems to be additive for every object in the scene as other lights do (AmbientLight, HemisphereLight, etc…) :

I suppose this PR will solve the problem, and going farer and blending probes for a given location :slight_smile: :