Lightprobe: do we have something similar to this?

I was looking at unity and a tutorial on YT

In that tuto, we can see that no textures are involved in the process, he just position his lightprobes without preping the scene and they immediately get light info.

Do we have something like this, with no preparation in 3js?


Hello! Three.js has lightprobe and generaion color of probe, but without automatic generation grid of lightprobes and code for changing light in depend of object position. Some links:

Bug: three.js webgl - lights - light probe volume
Bug: Comparing mrdoob:dev...donmccurdy:feat-lightprobevolume · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub
Better: three.js examples

But if I get it right, no usable solution since all those links seem to have it merged at some point but removed afterwards.
I could not find a hint of lightprobe volume in the source.

So, except if I didn’t get the whole story, there is no comparable solution that can be used right now?

I don’t care to place the probes manually, but I do care not to have a cubemap with predefined textures applied on it to simulate light because the scene is dynamically generated.

To some extent, that looked promising as well but not ready yet…

three.js currently does not support light probe volumes, no. You can track #18371 to be notified if light probe volume support is added.

Ok thank you both!

Maybe can get from unity GitHub - AlexanderVorobyov/simple-light-probe-placer: Simple Light Probe Placer