Three.js photo album

I want to code up a photo album to run on my local PC in a browser which will allow me to manipulate my photo collection on my local PC. The code is in javascript with three.js ( not in any way internet enabled nor dependent. No servers involved. just locally run on my offline windows PC )

I have a c# app running on my local PC ( Windows ) which is collecting data about my photo collection. That data is being stored in a text file on my PC’s C: hard drive. The question is how can I read that locally stored text file from javascript so I can input the various data I have stored in that text file. This is input the javascript program needs to make the photo album functional. I am using javascript and three.js because it is very easy to implement the 3D functionality I want.
Thank you

Does your JavaScript run in a browser? Or is you app based on node.js?

If your code runs in the browser, it seems you question has already been answered here: How to input data from a text file

Yes in a Browser. Thank you.