"Three.js explorer" - Desktop app for interactive exploration of Three.js examples

I’ve created a simple app that might be useful to someone, specially to beginners. It’s an interactive explorer of Three.js examples. It lets you edit code of the examples and see the result instantly.
You can find it here https://github.com/vujadin/threejs_explorer , there is a pre-built version for windows in releases.

Here’s a crappy video of it in action: https://vimeo.com/424394337


This is really cool! I could see it being very useful for quick testing. Where does it fetch the examples code and assets from?

This looks incredibly cool!

When you start the app first time it will download three.js repo and unpack it to apps root dir.

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Cool idea!

Very helpful. Thanks!

I’ve updated the app, it now allows you to save your changes as custom scripts by clicking ‘save’ icon in ‘Code’ tab.
Those scripts will show up in “CUSTOM” folder in the tree view.
Windows build is in the ‘releases’ on github.