Load 3d models from file server

Hi all,

I have a basic three.js scene that is loading models from the local project directory.
I would like to load models that are hosted on an “external” file server.

I am looking for guidance on any tutorials + recommendations on servers that would be good to test on. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Here’s a library for accessing files from Microsoft OneDrive.

However, in order to use this, you need to register your app using an free Azure account to get the clientId. After this, you can authenticate to your own OneDrive account to access files.

Something similar could be done for Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure file storage or Amazon S3 blob storage.

This repo also includes a web folder/file browser component that uses the OneDrive component.

In theory, it should be possible to create a data structure that describes a virtual folder/file structure of your web-site/apps asset folder and use the browser component to navigate and open files.

Actually, it should be possible to create a virtual folder/file structure for any group of URLs on the Internet; video, models, texture, etc.

I plan to explore this idea in a future sprint.

Cheers for your reply!
I ended up going with the Amazon S3 server option :slight_smile: