Model File Loading from codepen, but not in server

hey Guys,
So i’m following a 3D Product Configurator tutorial: How to Build a Color Customizer App for a 3D Model with Three.js - Codrops

and ive been trying to wrap my head around this for days, You’ll see in the tutorial you can download the source files, all well and good right, apart from the “chair.glb” file will not load at all.

Now here’s where it gets interesting, If i change the filepath in the script code to the “Chair” file clearly uploaded to a codepen server (, it works first try, absolutely fine. Im driving myself crazy trying to figure out why or how, because i intend to replace the chair with my own model, (spoiler, that didnt work either) and ive tried uploading my own model to a file server and it still doesnt load.

Need some help!