Problem with Loading External Models | Discover three.js

I’ve encountered problem with loaded models positioning in scene.
After loading models they are placed in the same centred position.
I’ve tried to copy paste finished code from both codepen example and from tutorial itself, but still models are in the same position.

It is not browser related as codepen works properly on all browsers I’ve checked (chrome, safari, edge).

Could it be problem with local app hosting? I am serving it using http-server on macos.

Are you loading the models from the three.js repo, or from your own computer?

Downloaded them from repo and loading from my computer.

The models on the three.js repo are scaled way too big - about 200m across. This will cause problems using physically correct lighting so the models I’m using in the book are scaled down to reasonably bird sizes.

Just make sure to use the models from my examples and it should work ok. I’ll add a note to the book about this.

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