Loading gltf files in sandbox positions models as expected but position breaks on local server

I’ve started to learn threejs this week and I’m using the official docs as well as the discover threejs book.
I’ve followed the guide to create a scene with three birds, loading them with the gltf loader.
But while in the sandbox everything works as expected and renders each bird in a different position in my local server it renders the birds on top of each other and too close to the camera.
You can see the example sandbox from the threejs book here
A screenshot of how it looks in my local server:

In order to rule out mistakes in the code I copied everything as is to my local server from the sandbox (including vendor scripts, excluding models which I took from the official examples folder, they should be exactly the same), but the problem persists.

I have no idea how to even start debugging this, and as I’m supposed to create a full threejs app in local environment soon I’m really keen on figuring out what is causing this. I would really appreciate any help.

Can you please share this copy as a zip file? Or maybe provide your code as a git repository?

Hi, sorry for the late response. I uploaded everything to github if you want to take a look here

Um, it seems you have different 3D models in your repository compared to the live demo. When using the original assets everything looks fine. Try it with these three:

Flamingo.glb (321.9 KB)
Parrot.glb (325.5 KB)
Stork.glb (302.3 KB)