Three.js + Fabric.js

This is just an extension of the other example.
Time to time, people ask about such interactive things. For example, an editor of prints on t-shirts :wink:
I haven’t worked with Fabric.js before, I just knew that it exists. :smile:
Today I’ve tried to combine two libraries to create a dynamic and (kind of) editable texture.
I hope, this topic will be a good start point for someone :beers:


Sorry, I do not know if I can post a question in a resources section. As shown on the example, the text can be moved freely on the 3D item. I am using this mapping for a cloth as well, I am trying to limit the mapping to a rectangle on the cloth, how is that possible? Many thanks!

Something like that?

But working with Fabric.js is out of the scope of this forum.

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is there any resources like tutorial or something, or posts to move the fabricjs object directly from 3d object? currently i can select the object but i still figuring out how to move it