TextureActive Studio - 2D Interactivity in 3D

We are rolling out TextureActive Studio with examples and code for using 2D interactivity of ZIM inside 3D of three.js. TextureActive Studio - 2D ZIM in three.js

The examples all work in VR as well - please try them out and let us know what you think, below.




Current examples include: drag, drag on path, pen, color picker, stepper, dial, slider, transform, scrambler, physics, emitter, radial, animate, progress bar.

We are adding these very soon indicator, d-pad, tabs & pad, blob & squiggle, wrapper, synth, parallax, sprites, forms, editable text, keyboard, connectors, carousel, hit tests, tile, pack, beads, flipper, book.

Other resources:


Waauw ZIM 2D apps in 3D+VR world are cool!
ZIM TextureActive Studio looks wonderful!

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