Three.js + Fabric.js but with mouse and touch raycast

The codebase for this is from this post by prisoner849 i added a feature where u can drag, scale, and rotate the fabricjs object directly from threejs 3d model, so you don’t need do that from the fabricjs canvas, just hide it :laughing:.

I’ve been developing this for a while now, since i put a lot of time and money into this hope someone will find this helpful. Final product of this you can access it here it was done by combining this example with this repo.

You can get the code here or try playing around with it on codepen.

Thank’s to prisoner849 for the example.

Since it’s really old version of fabricjs, i wanted to make it work using newer version but i couldn’t make it, so if anyone have an idea to make it work, please reply here or discuss it on fabricjs issue here.

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This is simply cool! :+1:


Thanks, also if u have any idea how to make it work on newer version pls let me know :grin:. I’ve tried using 4.2 and 4.6 it didn’t work, i can select the object but i can’t move it

Hi! i am a also working on a 3d model mapping demo. I study art at the ZKM institute in Karlsruhe/Germany. My idea: Let us work together on your technical obsolete script to get the functionality with the latest frameworks. We can do this in a private git repo. Please get in contact with me is this sounds interesting for you. Rico