Three.js-based VR application for Oculus Go?


We have a Three.js-based application that has a mouse-controlled view mode. It’s planned to buy Oculus Go and add VR support in our application. As far as I understand, Oculus Go supports only VR browsers like native Oculus Browser or Firefox Reality.

  1. How am I supposed to check if our application compatible with these browsers or not BEFORE buying Oculus Go?

  2. Will it be enough to add WebVR support using these instructions?

It’s actually better to talk about WebXR since the former WebVR API is not supported by three.js anymore. In general, the mentioned guide provides all steps which are necessary for a basic WebXR setup for VR.

I’m not sure what you mean with “compatible”? Are you referring to the general support of WebXR on Oculus Go?

That seems to be what he is asking. Like, if he bought an Oculus Go, how would he run his Three.js WebXR app in it? What are the steps to doing that? Or maybe it works out of the box with a browser built into Oculus Go? etc?


Yes, that’s eacatly what I’m asking! There’s a three links chain: VR-glasses <-> VR-browser <-> Three.js WebXR app. I have no experience with the first two, so I’d like to be aware of possible underwater rocks. For example, Oculus Browser could be the best general purpose choice, but a nightmare for a developer of a Three.js based application. Or it’s OK, but some fine tuning must be done. Or there’re some limitations one should know about.

When developing a WebXR app, it should be not necessary to regard browser specific implementation details (that’s why you have a standard). According to the official documentation, Oculus Browser supports WebXR since version 7.0. If you encounter issues with the WebXR implementation, you can file bugs right here:

I’ve tested the official three.js VR examples on a Oculus Quest (with Oculus Browser) some time ago and they all work.

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Nice! I want to get on this bandwagon soon!

The Oculus Quest is really a good VR device. I can only recommend to invest a little bit more money and buy the Quest instead of the Go.

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Mind sharing some details on how Quest is better than Go?

I think this sums it up quite well:

Thanks! And here’s the Oculus WebXR page, which states both Quest and Go support WebXR (and therefore Three.js):