Three.js and Apache Cordova

Is there someone who develops mobile applications using Three.js and Cordova? The system is running in the browser. But when I do Android Application with Cordova, it gives error as it does not support WebGL.

How can I solve this problem?

What Android version are you using? Normally all modern web views have proper WebGL support.

Android version is 7.0

Then consider to report an issue at the Cordova repo or at stackoverflow:

I’ve seen nearly no Cordova related posts in this forum in the past. So it might be hard to get useful feedback at this place. Especially since your issue is actually related to WebGL in general and not particular to three.js.

I try to convert my game to .apk by Cordova.
It’s no problem. I think my game is simple. I upload .apk on itch
The mobile phone that I try
Android 8.1 no problem, but slow.
Android 4.2 cannot play. Must play on the web.

This’s my code