Error creating WebGL context for Android webView

I’m using Android Webview to render model but getting error for some android devices.
"Error creating WebGL context."
For below devices.
Lenovo A7000-a Android OS 5.0
HUAWEI TIT-L01 Android OS 5.1
PRA-LX3 Android OS 7.0
SM-G390F Android OS 7.0

I know this is a issue of WebView for older devices but these issue also occurring on Android 7.0.

I don’t think there is much what we can do here.

Does this problem also occur if you create the WebGL context without three.js?

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I am using a webview for my game built using three.js and it works very well (to my great surprise).

Granted I’m on a Samsung Galaxy s7.

According to my Google Play Dev Console people are successfully playing on Android 6.0.

@titansoftime were you able to solve the issue? I am kind of stuck in similar error.

I was not experiencing any issue. That was Mukesh.