Text on faces of Icosahedron geometry

Hello guys :slight_smile:
I want to create something like this:

Can somebody help me? The above example is written in react-three-fiber but I want to create it in ThreeJS.(Actually i need to know how to write text on each face of Icosahedron face)

See from the Collection of examples from discourse.threejs.org

NumberedIcosahedron2021-08-20 09.55.09


DodecahedronCanvasTexture 2020-12-25 10.54.41

author @prisoner849


SDF text.
Demo: Troika Examples
Source 1: troika/packages/troika-3d-text at master Β· protectwise/troika Β· GitHub
Source 2: troika/packages/troika-three-text at master Β· protectwise/troika Β· GitHub

Seems a good example but i think if i place cubecamera inside the object i will not get any relfection.

Need doublesided and pointlight inside.

Got it! Thank you so much guys :slight_smile:

This is what I am looking for. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Can you please help me lil bit more?

In the above sandbox i want to rotate the top left (β€˜Hello’ -rotation is handle in 84 line) to 45deg along z-axis like in below sandbox.

(Rotation is not working as expected maybe i am doing some mistake)

Instead of pre-defined rotation, maybe makes sense to use lookAt, based on position?

  myText.position.copy( textArgs[i].position ); // setting of position can be simplified
  let lookAt = new THREE.Vector3()

Thank you so much :slight_smile: . Perfectly Working