Tetrahedron shaped design blocks that assemble by clicking and may be exported for 3D-printing.

Tldr: Click on a block!

The demo moved: https://90plusworks.github.io/TetraGenius/TetraGeniusCell.html

  1. The “app” is to build things you imagine using the “Blocks”, a bit like sculpting…in the browser.
  2. Users may save their designs/assemblies to use as the file to 3D print via their browser.

More Info:
This application runs locally in your browser and does not share anything to the webserver. Saving happens on your own computer.
Meant to be a first and easy intro into “design by assembly” and to inspire people to design . I took inspiration from mrdoob’s examples specially the Voxel builder.

Designs may be saved to obj format for 3D printing…use the controls menu to the right and Save.

As a new user, you would likely just play around with assembling blocks to make a 3D sculpture.