Threejs assembly designer to 3D printing

TetraGenius Game- click here to play!
This game runs locally in your browser and does not share anything to the webserver. Saving happens on your own computer.
My game is meant to be a first and easy intro into “design by assembly” and to inspire people to design . I took inspiration from mrdoob’s examples specially the Voxel builder. My game is also meant to create a sort of marketplace where 3d designers and graphic artists may contribute to the assets in the game and if these assets are used by manufacturers they earn commission.

Graphic designers or artists may contribute print images to use as textures on the blocks or on the TetraPlike blocks that are in process to be manufactured by April 2020. Templates are on the website.
3D asset designers may contribute new shapes of blocks to build with, and textures for those. There is an obj file on the website to show the envelope that the design should fit into to be able to build with the asset.
Manufacturers may manufacture any of the Block assets by any method and sell these via the website. There is an obj file on the website to show the envelope that the design should fit into to enable 3d volume filling assemblies.
Sales will be split to contributers i.e. TetraGenius, the 3d asset designers and the manufacturer.

Designs may be saved to obj format for 3D printing…use the controls menu to the right and Save.


Forgot the link?

Hi mrdoob,
My super appreciation for the fantastic work you have put into threejs.

Had to run to pick up the kids, and that was the result; sorry for wasting your time. I added it now:
TetraGenius Game

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I have to say, its not very clear to me what this project is about.Perhaps some exposition or explanation intro would be nice. Or maybe im just not the target audience :sweat_smile:

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Hi DolphiniQ,

  1. The “game” is to build things you imagine using the “Blocks”, a bit like sculpting…in their browser.
  2. The platform allows 3D designers to submit their own “Blocks” to build with (currently via email to me)
  3. The platform allows graphic designers to submit their own branded content (currently via email to me)
  4. The website allows sales of the designs by the various artists (currently via email to me).
  5. Users may save their designs/assemblies to use as the file to 3D print via their browser.

So it is a effort to create a collaborative design website for artists and a “Design Game” for its users.
As a normal user, you would likely just play around with assembling blocks to make a 3D sculpture.

Kind regards,

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