3D parametric modeling tool, includes a three.js IDE

We been working on this project for a while, we open sourced it about a year ago.


live test

feedback welcome!


I can only try on my phone for now but it looks interesting ! I will try it again on a computer in a few days and be back with some feedback

thanks fancyrainbow!, let me know if you need any help we havent got a very good documentation yet but using the JS blocks it works as any three.js code would be expected

Hi Luigi, I had another try at makerSCAD on my laptop (I was in holidays abroad until now sorry). So I will give you my first impression, as a relatively newcomer in Three.js but used to 3D modeling softs (including Grasshopper, which is why I was interested in your project in the first place).

So first thing first, I always start learning a new tool by finding a “hello world” tuto, I think it helps to have a reference of something running. At your getting started page I expected to find this, instead you go through explaining the interface, which is useful but maybe juste a little bit too early.

Next, I was disturbed by orthographic camera by default, and I didn’t find a way to switch to perspective. I don’t see any camera object in the generated code, which is fine if the user only wants to create a parametric model with your soft, to be integrated elsewhere, but then camera and lights must be part of your soft UI I think. What about a “more options” drop-down menu beside the “Grid, Axis, Wireframe, Shadows”, with lights, camera, background options inside ?

Next I don’t know if I missed something, but I didn’t find a graphic way to pass an output to a parameter. Let’s take your block “random integer from X to Y”, how do you link the output to Box block size parameters ? Is there a way to do it without writting code ? That’s what I like the most with Grasshopper.

But really I like this project and I think I could have a use for it, because it would help non-coders to have a stake in a parametric design, a least in the mockups. This is great, because there is a lot of creative people out there who are very scared by coding, though they could be of great help in a design team. That’s why I’m interested for my own project, so I will follow this closely !

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looks quite nice! Camera controls are a bit jerky.

What does “scad” stand for?

When I was trying to use MakerSCAD, it always show me a error:

THREE.WebGLRenderer,TypeError: Cannot read property ‘render’ of undefined,

But that doesn’t affect its functionality. It’s a nice platform !

I’m reading it as makers-cad. The capitalization is a bit weird though.

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Sketch with three.js :slight_smile: Fun! What do you think is the target audience for that?