CAD modelling tools for threejs


I’ve just released a big update for Polygonjs, the design & animation tool for WebGL: CAD modelling nodes.

Polygonjs already gives you many nodes to create fully procedural scenes, but precise modelling was lacking. CAD nodes allow the creation of nice fillets/bevels, extrusions, and robust boolean operations. And it’s just a first batch of new nodes, there are many more to come in order to complete this toolset.

Here is a video of it in action:


Very nice UI and user friendly interface.
Lastly was looking for something to help building house plans.
Find the node approach very interesting for repetitive pattern (like the holes in your CAD example).
Will surely further look to that subject and get inspiration for my house plans project :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! very glad that this is the case

For repetitive tasks, you may also be interested in creating/using polynodes, which are a way to create your own nodes from existing nodes. This allows you to encapsulate complex setup in a single node, that’s then easy to share/re-use. You can see this short tutorial: Polygonjs - node-based WebGL design tool or some examples on the marketplace

You can also link parameters of different nodes together, which makes an easy way to create constraints. Just right click on any parameter, click on ‘Copy → Param’, then right click on another parameter and ‘Paste → As Relative’ will create an expression that will link them. Changing the first parameter will automatically update the other. And you can always tweak the created expression with more complex math should you want to. It’s useful to link a position of a point to the height of a box, or anything similar.

For for housing plans, this first release of CAD nodes already has a handful of nodes specialized in 2D drawings. With time, there will be more 2D specific tools, like 2D fillet, 2D boolean, measurements, etc.

I see your other response on twitter regarding a comparison with sketchup, but I unfortunately do not know sketchup enough to have an opinion. Chances are it’s too early days yet. But if you have features you love there, or that you think are lacking, feel free to let me know.

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Thanks for details, your tool looks already capable of doing nice things…
Don’t have much sketchup experience neither, as it no longer seems to be a free product.
Was hoping to find a replacement, and a way to generate 3d geometry from predefined constraints, and customize shape with some parameters.
Will look at your tutorial, so many things to look at same time… lol

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