ThreeGN, procedural 3D graphics editor for the web

Hey. Sharing it here, maybe it’s gonna serve to someone as an inspiration. I’ve working some time ago on a port of Blender’s Geometry Nodes system to web (using threejs of course). The app is available at, a lot of nodes are missing and there might be issues in the editor. It was quite a journey where I learnt a lot, especially about Blender’s internals (the geo nodes system as well as Blender itself is open source). Feel free to grab the source and play with it GitHub - roman01la/threegn: Procedural 3D graphics editor for the web, I do not have any plans on maintaining the project, at least for now.


Very cool. On the github page, can you add a link to Blender node reference material. Also, maybe a short list of nodes that are missing in order of difficulty to implement and perhaps a list of to do’s that you know would make it better.

change “multiply” to “power” at the top left to crash the tab :smiley: but seriously,

I do not have any plans on maintaining the project

then nobody else will, either

At first, clicking New with an example is great. However, when you actually want to start with a blank graph, its a pain to delete all the nodes. Can you move the examples to an examples button or list of examples and make new start with the minimum needed? Thanks

I started reading through the Blender nodes documentation. Your project has a lot of potential with the right help. It written using react flow. So anyone who knows that has a head start.