Yet another node shader editor

Hola :wave:

I’ve been working on a shader editor for a while now. It started as a proof of concept to explore how a graph could be compiled to ShaderMaterial and then turned to a testing bed and school of refactoring.
It’s pretty broken atm and only MeshBasicMaterial works partially, but I’m trying to fix it.
It’s theoretically possible to target many different versions of three but for now it’s only going to work on 162-163.

I made a video recreating one of these examples.
And here’s the thing.

It should save the results locally but it’s possible to save a json of the project. Hope someone can find this useful, if nothing, at some point lol.


this is badass. you gonna opensource it/got a repo?

Hello, really nice product !
I like it, but when I’m trying to search using the filter menu, for example “mul” nothing came up.
also searching “*” resulted with the app crashing.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /*/i: Nothing to repeat

I Would love to help and contribute to it :slight_smile:
Regardless its working real smooth ! Love it.

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Oh wow nice catch, didn’t sanitize that :slight_smile:

I’m thinking how to go about open sourcing it, the code is quite horrible :confused:


I also have encounter another bug yesterday, and I could extract the JSON that causes it - if you’d like, I can send it over for you to debug :slight_smile:

Open source it would be great idea IMO :hammer: improve the code and tackle bugs ! the first issue would be already opened by me :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t sweat the code quality… open sourcing it might prompt improvement/cleanup by the community… (or not!) one persons bad code is another persons… “This works so it’s fine!”


This looks amazing! Great work!

Just throw it on github and see what happens :smiley: