NodeMaterial visual editor?

Is there a visual editor for the Node-based materials (NodeMaterial and related classes) yet?

I stumbled on this:

It’d be neat to expand on that, adding the shaders. I’m also pondering about a visual logic editor.

EDIT: I stumbled on this after: Some cool stuff there.


Polygonjs also has a visual editor, used not only for materials, but also particles and geometry creations (it is heavily inspired by Houdini).

While it still is in beta, you can play with some examples:

Or watch short tutorials:

Basics on creating a custom shader

How the psychedelic car was done

At the moment, you can also right-click on any node and export the shaders, although I am working on easier export methods.


Want to throw my experiment into the mix:

I really want to check these others out, i’ve started mine twice from scratch and still thing the architecture is horrible. Sort of happy with the performance, but not the convenience. The approach though, should be able to generate materials, possibly for all three.js versions so far if the hooks are added to the GLSL from each.