TetraFlow (Three.js + Tone.js)

Hi community!


DEMO: TetraFlow

Source Code: GitHub - cywarr/tetraflow

Objects on the scene:

  • Flow of tetrahedra: InstancedBufferGeometry + modified MeshLambertMaterial with a spline in DataTexture
  • Vertical lines: LineSegments with modified LineBasicMaterial
  • Hexagons: Line of InstancedBufferGeometry with modified LineBasicMaterial
  • Points: Points with modified PointsMaterial, kind of a wireframe box is an SDF function.
  • Central fog: a cylinder with the code from this example
  • Background: a sphere with steam (fBm) and triangles (TheBookOfShaders) in ShaderMaterial.

Sound: Tone.js


Thats cool. I dig the ambient theme music too.

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