How can I achieve layer-based material?

Hello community!
I’m using Spline recently to do some 3d effects and I found out that the website is implemented using three js.
This is awesome.
I’m particularly curious about the layer-based material approach in it. Some thing like this,

what do I need to do to add the effect of other materials to the existing materials, such as standardMaterial plus matcap or Fresnel.
Does anyone know how to implement this concept with three js?

I guess the node material system should make this kind of thing easier. I haven’t used it much yet though and it’s a still a work in progress.

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Watch this repo over the next days: GitHub - pmndrs/lamina: 🍰 An extensible, layer based shader material for ThreeJS


Thanks, this is exactly what I want!

we also just had an update, now it supports most noise types.

some playthings: