Obsidian tranquillity

Hi community!


Demo: https://codepen.io/prisoner849/full/jOQyVYm

Head: ExtrudeGeometry
Body: TubeGeometry with an applied curve for its radius.
Eyes: OctahedronGeometry (modified)
Camera returns to its initial position with tween.js (inspired with How to smoothly resetting camera angle with OrbitControls? - #2 by PavelBoytchev)
Ambient sound: Tone.js


Beautiful. The DoF blur is somewhat too strong for my taste, but that is subjective. The sound is some monstrous bass, I can practically see how the paint peels off the walls.


Beautiful as always Paul :smiley:

I never heard of Tone.js before. This inspired me to do some tinkering trying to build some sort of mini DAW or something procedural or idk… I think it’s cool :smiley:

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Ah, thank you :slight_smile:
People have fun with Tone.js on codepen :slight_smile: For example:

  1. https://codepen.io/COLTONTEEFY/pen/JqRmML
  2. https://codepen.io/prisoner849/pen/eYLjeow (I forked this one, but I can’t find the original)

Good usage of the environment map, makes it look like dispersion sort of :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks like one of those overpowered item found in a top-tier RPG, the heavy ominous mood, reflected with each scale, dares you to unravel the secrets behind its mesmerizing gaze.

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