Cyberpunk Style Personal Website

Hi, I am new here and I just wanna share my Work in Progress personal website. :slight_smile:


Lovely, the layout is neat and scroll interactions smooth, the only thing I’d suggest is working on bringing the load time down if at all possible :thinking: :space_invader:


Thank you for your comment! :smiley: I am doing it right now, I am using a higher quality texture to stress test and gather data, I do have a lower one and I will use a performance monitor to dynamically load them with the lower quality as the default one. I am also considering lowering the poly count more because right now it’s very high. And I am curious what is the best poly count for this specific project I have right now.

Thats a dope futuristic site, it looks like cyberpunks zombie version. The theme is stunning, my suggestion would be to change the bio section a bit especially your avatar. I would recommend to make a glitchy type loading as if we the user is going to find megatron standing in front.

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Thank you! :smiley: Damn! I like that Idea of yours and it inspires me to continue it, I am thinking of using a holographic style for my profile picture, with the glitching effect as you suggested!

Something like this:

The effect in the screen the samurai is wearing to be accurate

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Love the small details, really brings the theme together !

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Thank you!

Displays nicely on my ancient MS Surface Laptop. Any music?

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What music can you suggest, that would be cool! :smiley:

Nothing immediately comes to mind, but something low-key dramatic or ominous and is not overpowering. Short sound effects are also a good addition, especially since three.js allows you to position sounds in 3D space.

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Thanks! :smiley: This helps a lot! I did not know that three.js allows us to create spatial sound positioning.

Oh, I see, so the robot it self should have that glitchy side effects that it’s projecting my bio! :open_mouth:

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