SweatNet - Virtual Reality Nightclub with Holograms


I thought I’d share this, my first THREE.js project.


Due to the global pandemic and there being no live music(at least in London for now) I made this derelict futuristic nightclub and will be putting on hologram nights with alternative/electronic/pop acts over the next month, and potentially onwards.

Currently there is a hologram from my band Sweat playing on loop until the first night.

As its my first project id be really curious for any feedback!

Thanks very much,



I tried but it gives me a console output only! Pressing enter has no effect. Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 18.46.17|690x65

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Yeah, kinda confusing - you have to click the “press the enter” text instead of pressing the enter as the clickable “press the enter” suggests :’)


Ah! It’s actually click the ‘enter button’(where it says enter) My bad, thanks for the feedback, will look into changing that!

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When you write “virtual reality nightclub with holograms”, do you actually mean that it should be accessed with a VR headset ?

Because I just tried with my Quest, it crashed during the orange logs loading screen, I had to reboot it.

Trying again from my computer I don’t see any “Enter VR” button, so now I wonder if we had the same understanding of the term “virtual reality” ?


Hey, I think it’s really good. The lighting at the beginning looks really good. Seems really professional for a first project.

hope to see more…

Hey, sorry for late reply. Thanks very much!

If anyone is interested I’m running prerecorded live shows every Monday at 8pm local time. Lots of really great electronic/alternative/pop artists are playing over the next month!