Streaming 3DTiles

Here is a showcase website for your consideration:

It’s all about streaming meshes that have been converted to a tiled and multileveled structure in order to remove loading times.

The full scene including the background cityscape is over 25gb of draco compressed mesh but the website automatically downloads an appropriate level of detail based on the camera position and orrientation.

While I market a tool to create the streamable “OGC3DTiles” from raw meshes, I offer a highly performant library to view these tiles with minimal configuration, on their own or georeferenced on a globe with WMS imagery and elevation data.

Finally, I also link some demos using the above mentioned libraries:

firefox is not happy with your site :smiling_face_with_tear:

Bitdefender alerts as well, but seems more of a misconfiguration.

Strange, I don’t get the warning anymore but it did take me a few tries to get the configuration right so perhaps it takes a while to propagate worldwide

well if I just remove “www” part it opens fine.

Ok got it, it was a bad dns configuration :relieved: