Strange rings obscuring my Lines only when using Post Processing shaders?

First post. I’m wondering if anyone here knows what’s going on with this scene I’m building. When I turn on Post Processing, even with just a render pass and no shaders, the lines on my globe disappear behind what seems like concentric rings when I zoom out.

Thanks in advance. I hope someone knows why this is happening. It doesn’t happen when I don’t use Post Processing.



You’ll need to provide a bit more info such as what particular postprocessing passes you’re using and ideally a minimal demo of your setup on codepen or jsfiddle

Thanks, I will try to put something together. I hoped it would be something simple that people had seen many times before and instantly knew the mistake I was making haha

maybe the white lines are too close to the grey sphere
test shrinking the earth more and reducing the camera near far values

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Thanks. I will give that a go. It’s odd that it doesn’t happen when post-processing is off, with the same zoom levels.

Is the normal depthbuffer and the rendertarget’s depthbuffer of the same depth size? If one is 24-bit and the other is 8-bit this may explain the result.

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