Post process outline trouble

I am trying to make a post process outline based on the example in well examples. It largely is the same code, but at the part with comment // 2. Downsample to Half resolution lines 305 to 309 in that’s where thing get buggy. Before it would render the depth and mask effects, but that was with the render camera and render scene, but the is outline camera and scene. The outlines came is an ortho located around a plane buffer geometry quad. I believe the quad is not rendering the renderTargetMaskBuffer for the ortho camera to see.
Any help or can youtell me what I am actually doing wrong.

Without providing more information it’s unfortunately not possible to help you. Right now, it’s not clear what your problem is all about. I suggest you demonstrate your issue with a live example.

Turns out the examples don’t work on 100-dev. Upgraded to 103-dev and it worked.