Unrealbloompass blooming more than intended

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a scene that uses unrealbloompass to give the effect of glowing eyes on a model. That part and the loaded model are how I’d like them for now. The problem is now the plane that acts as my ground and the sun sphere objects are not rendering as they were before. The sun sphere is grouped with the lens flare but only the lens flares are bloomed (which I don’t want to happen). The sun sphere will also disappear if farther than -100 on the z axis which wasn’t occurring before the bloompass was working. The ground plane doesn’t seem to be reflecting the light from the sun as it was before either. Any help is much appreciated. I’ve included a codepen with what I have now.

  1. Bloom postprocessing doesn’t really read the context - if something is bright, it’s just bloomed.

Sounds like selective bloom is what you are looking for :thinking: ?

The sun sphere will also disappear if farther than -100

It doesn’t really disappear - at a far-enough zoom, the camera just aligns the character and the sun on a single line. That causes the bloom and lens flares to hide (which is the expected behaviour), the sun is still there unless you go beyond camera.far.

Thanks for the reply. The pen I linked is actually based off of the selective bloom example from threejs. I was able to get the effect that I was looking for with the lens flare thanks to a helpful person on Reddit. Your suggestion on the camera.far was exactly the issue as to why the sun was disappearing.

I’ve now run into a new issue though. I added the sun sphere to the bloom layer but it doesn’t occlude behind the plane being used as the ground. :man_facepalming:

Just used a box geometry instead of plane geometry and it solved my new issue.