UnrealBloom glitch [SOLVED]

Hey there :slight_smile:
Im observing an odd visual glitch with the UnrealBloomPass in my app. Its hard for me to describe it, but seems like depending on the camera position (especially when close to the source), the bloom effect seems to disappear in a circular area.

Please have a look at the issue:

Discourse doesn’t want to upload my GIF, so here is a link: Imgur
It shows the problem much better than static images.

It looks correct on on one side, but seems inactive on the other. On certain camera positions it’s all correct:

Anyone ever seen something like this?

A bit random idea - since I had a similar problem recently with Water2 ShaderMaterial, it would disappear at certain angles in a circular pattern - try copying the material code and set transparent to false (here.)
Haven’t had a chance to go through bloom code before, so it may just as well break everything, but could be worth a try.

Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately setting materialCopy.transparent to false doesn’t seem to do anything in the case of UnrealBloomPass. Testing a bit more I noticed that while in the “disappearing circle” the bloom still “illuminates” other objects, for example the blur glow spills onto the ship in front of the camera:

so some parts of the shader are still working :thinking:

Turned out the issue was very app and model specific. I was using vertex colors for emission in the shader and in combination with high metalness it caused this spherical glitch.
The issue was gone when I either set metalness below 0.96 (the “glitch sphere” would get smaller the less metalness material had and somewhere around 0.965 it disappeared completely) OR when I stopped using vertex colors.