Sphere OSE - thoughts


I’m kinda in the middle of working on something awesome, and I’m quite sad that I may have to leave threejs for unity. Im quite sad that i feel that webVR just is not good enough for example, rendering 50 000 gameobjects, and handling them. but, in another sense, Im looking for ways to get around this, like trying out webasm to get to a decent graphical performance.

Never mind, I figured out how to improve fps a lot

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Could you share it with the community for the benefit of everyone?

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Sure, I can share it for free for users of this forum that have an oculus rift or want to port it to vive.
However, I reserve the right to be the only seller if it becomes something worth money, until the in game app store is complete, in witch ppl can sell their software made with the platform. (its gonna be a platform, kinda like unity)

However, you need to contact me personally at taivas.gogoljuk@gmail.com.
if you want to dev it, i’ll give you access to a privte repo.

Heres a list of features:

  • in game keyboard
  • desktop app for using your computer within the game (requires a screencapture to webcam software)
  • a file manager (works only for saving and loading projects so far)
  • create character spheres, merge and link them together, run their js content within the app
  • scale them spheres and their code can have a custom scale

Im allso working on a new keyboard, since the one you have looks like crap. And a classic syntax hilighted code editor, for backwards compatibility.

one funny fact about this project, is that its coded 100percent within vr on bigscreen, in a lying down position. maybe it should be called the lazy programmers space.

I would like to invite everyone to program this thing. I can promise you 15e/h salary with the catch that you will be paid in etherium tokens, that can be cashed in when the software starts making money.
In an analogy, help me plant apple trees and get paid in apples of the future!