AVROS - With Threejs


I’m giving out some prerelease keys for those who have an oculus, you can develop threejs vr apps in-vr with it.


Sweet! I’d love to see a video of what it looks like working when laying down.

I should post a real programming video tho


Coolest thing is watching movies while coding.

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Do you get tired eventually from waving the controllers around? (Is this vive?)

No and no. I sincerely think its the future of programming, and computing in General. Flatscreen, and especially the keyboard and mouse will soon be antique. Like a fax machine.

I loathe the idea of having to bend my back for internet access.

How fast can you type on the vr controllers? I’m not a vim user or anything like that but I do have some macros and shortcuts.

Actually faster. I feel like a painter that picks out chars like colors. I allso have a bound to shift and B to alt gr and both for control.so i can finally code with one hand only.
The zero gravoty of 3d objects makes stuff like optimizing display position, or keyboard position easy. And never mind peering into code, some times you just need to scale to 10x for a while so you dont feel like a surgeon trying to copypaste 2 chars to 3 other lines.

I allso bound a and B to copy and paste, actually B for cut and a to paste, since that way you can do a lot of coding without the keyboard.

Allso, positioning your cursor can be a 2 hand job, left to scale if needed and right to cutpaste

Im offering free keys for the viewers of this Forum if you have a rift. Performances is the main issue, but its getting beter