eurecaStudio™ built on the back of threeJS - our new product

Hi all,

We had been working on a project for around 3 months now and finally it’s seeing the light of day through a limited alpha release. I extend my thanks to the community, especially @Mugen87 Mike for his support on all my queries (which were aplenty).

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A YouTube video is as linked. It truly would be awesome if some of you are interested to connect with me. It would rather be more lovely than anything else! I am found at

Plus, a snapshot here:

Many thanks for all the help. God knows I have depended on this forum than even SO :wink: Btw, I am personally looking to work with an avid person from the community in longer term, probably as a partner. So, yeah please do let me know if you want to connect.


looks good can I get a go on the alpha?

Absolutely! could you please hit me up on Twitter? Just fill in this form, we are doing it limited hence we will have to pre-authorise you.