[Paid] Looking for someone to help me integrate a model from Sketchfab into my project, adding colliders to floor and walls

The idea would be integrating this model VR Art Gallery - EL5 - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by lazae (@lazae) [e3bda3a] - Sketchfab Store into a react-three-fiber made with NextJS (I already have that project running and was able to create a collider for the floor, so you can walk without failing)

Hi there, I am interested in your project.

I have good experience in three.js, so I can implement the collision.

Please send me a DM.

Best Regards,

Im a new user, I think I cant DM you. Please DM me your email address and I’ll reach out.

@MickaelNeves I have raised your trust level by 1. Are DMs working now?

yap! thanks!

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