Looking for a co-founder - edtech ARVR platform for learning by creating based threeJS iOS Android app

Hi all,
We are Imerzon (https://www.imerzon.com, https://twitter.com/eureca_ar) and we are building a full education solution around AR VR on our vision that we learn the best when we create something.
The platform, eurecaStudio, which we have created combines all the good stuff from AR VR world, Learning Mgmt System (Google Classroom) and Visual Coding (Google Blockly), and I believe it is how we can make a mark in learning. It is currently live in alpha release with 60 limited key users (educator). We are going into Beta which will be released by mid-Aug.
We have started to hustle for seed fund, and currently we are not funded. What I, Abhinav Prakash (https://twitter.com/abhinavpraksh), is looking for is someone who is as much passionate about this field as I am, or atleast close, with good knowledge of JS, and the usual full stack of web dev. Coding in Android will be a good thing. If you are a co-founder then though there will be division of responsibility, we will be working together on all aspects of the firm, viz. sales, recruitment, customer dev, product dev. etc. I do not have formal education in Computer Science, but I have done all the coding by myself on iOS app, and our platform at https://eureca.space which is based on threeJS
I would love to talk to start off, if you are interested. I think we can change learning for the better. My LinkedIn profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhinavprksh/
Please use the “Register” on https://eureca.space if you want to check the alpha we have currently. And do get in touch with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or abhinav@imerzon.com
A few video of how it is: https://youtu.be/09rgZD_4Iuo, https://youtu.be/9ynnd-ZKMNs, https://youtu.be/cnIQc-KbDGM
I think this is the forum where I can get my partner, better than any other forum. Thanks.