Porfolio - Programmer (Three.js, pure WebGL and so on)

My name is Ivan Enzhaev (my first name is Ivan). I was born in 1987. I am from Russia, Saratov. I’m looking for freelance tasks (or for a remote full-time work)

Current status of work: FREE

Email: 8observer8@gmail.com

Note. I don’t speak English but I have good skills for reading and writing. I will soon speak English.

IDEs: VSCode (for JS and TS), Visual Studio 2015 (for C#, Unity and C++)


  • Three.js - JS
  • Babylon.js - JS (or TS)
  • pure WebGL 1.0/2.0 - JS or TS
  • OpenGL 3.3 - C++ (SDL2/SFML/GLFW/FreeGLUT/WinAPI)
  • OpenGL 3.3 - C# (OpenTK, WinForms, WPF)
  • Unity - C#
  • Phaser - JS (or TS)
  • Pixi.js - JS (or TS)
  • 3D modeling in Blender
  • Texturing in GIMP
  • Some skills in animation and in texture painting in Blender

I can hosting on:

  • Github Pages
  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Firebase (with build in DB)
  • Heroku (Node.js/MongoDB)
  • Hostings with MySQL/PHP

Saratov State University (2004 - 2009): https://www.sgu.ru/en
Faculty of Physics
Department of Radiotechnology and Electrodynamics

First place of work: КБ Электроприбор (2008-2014)
Position: engineer programmer (C++, WinAPI, Assembler and C for Microcontroller C167 and Intel MCS-51)

Second place of work: АО «ИНИУС» (2014-2015)
Position: software developer (C++, MFC, Qt)

Third place of work: freelance (from 2015 until now)


View Selector

Three.js, JavaScript, Blender

Live demo: https://8observer8.github.io/threejs/view-selector/


Bitballoon3D Game

Pure WebGL 1.0, TypeScript, Blender

Live Demo: https://8observer8.github.io/WebGL/Bitballoon/


I made builds of some demos by “Unity Cloud Build”, you can run it from here: https://8observer8.bitbucket.io/

If you want you can read about “Unity Cloud Build” here: https://unity3d.com/unity/features/cloud-build

Unty Cloud Build


are you available for some work involving C++, Qt, QML, OpenGL and Three.pp (a C++ port of three.js)?

thank you,
Christian Sell
c.sell -at- byterefinery.de


Please, send me materials on email: 8observer8@gmail.com