WebGL Developer

We are seeking a WebGL Developer to join our Russian creative Ojoteam.
This position is a freelance position with an opportunity to become permanent.
• Ability to optimize for web and mobile
• Keen awareness of common performance bottlenecks and cross-browser issues
• Performance tuning skills and knowledge on CPU and GPU level
• The ability to use 3D modelling software such as Cinema 4D, Blender, Autodesk Maya or whatever tool you prefer
• Experience with JavaScript and Three.js

Please send us your resume and a link to your online portfolio to job@ojoart.com.

Hi Ojoteam,

My name is Guido van Hilst from the Netherlands.
I am a freelance programmer, with a brought background in OpenGL, data visualization.

Lately I have developed a web application/GUI using bridge.net and threejs.

You can see example here:


Maybe we could cooperate in some way?

Best regards,



Alex from Kiev, Ukraine. (Russian - second native language).
Portfolio: http://alexbuzin.me/
Latest works:

Owner and main contributor of open-source project called whs.js framework

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