Three.js graphics developer needed for Germany

Hi There,

We are creating awesome web based 3D configurators for every kind of products and services.
We are based in Hanover Germany but acting globally with customers all around the world.

This role involves playing with code and making stuff that might not even exist as a concept yet. The successful candidate would be creating those concepts and amazing web experiences using technologies like WebGL, Three.js, Angular2 and JavaScript.
In the past, these projects have included 3D configurators, 3D product presentations with Angular2 UI and Unity projects. We’ve got some really exciting upcoming projects for in three.js and are looking to build out some of the most impressive creative experiences for the web using these technologies. This will be your main focus at VisCircle and you will be taking the lead on these projects.

We are looking for a cutting-edge, creative JavaScript developer to make and play with exciting technologies for VisCircle. We ideally need someone who loves working on a long-term product, but also likes to dabble in experimental coding and prototyping. We need someone who can handle coding for a large scale product, and is happy working independently and being self-motivated.
You should also be able to prioritise tasks to work on the most important aspects before just the fun stuff. You should also be in the habit of writing well-documented, clean code, to be able to pass successful projects on to other developers to iterate upon and flesh out.
You should have a keen interest in keeping up to date with modern coding practises, particularly with respect to mobile / responsive design. We love to see creativity and experiments, especially with webGL/Three.js for stunning visuals on the web. Our platform is a web-app built using webpack and node.js. For all of our devs, a love for JavaScript is essential.
Finally, you should have an extensive portfolio of creative projects you’ve worked on in the past (professionally is a huge bonus), and have at least 2 years experience coding professionally.

If you are interested please write us an E-Mail with a CV and some examples you’ve made before to

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