Need WebGL software engineer for web applications focused on 3D visualizations

We are looking for a person to start working in our team as soon as possible in a role of WebGL software engineer for web applications focused on 3D visualizations.

The ideal candidate will join our core software development team as a senior engineer participating in the team as a co-leading engineer.

The role is to drive and execute development of top-of-the-class solutions disrupting market of digital solutions for Building industry including CAD, BIM, online Viewing, engineering simulations and more

Ideal location of the candidate within commuting distance to Wroclaw


  1. Co-leading and execution of development core technologies and software projects


  1. several years of experience in development of Web applications using WebGL technology (min 5 - 8 years)
  2. knowledge of modern web technologies, programming languages and tools
  3. fluency in Typescript
  4. nice to know: Three.js, CAD solutions, Vue,js, WebGPU
  5. English language level min B1/B2
  6. Polish language as a mother tongue
  7. experience in Agile project development (Jira)
  8. excellent communication skills
  9. team player


  1. B2B or full time employment contract
  2. remote work - all is about results not location
  3. flexible working hours - keeping core time availability
  4. unlimited access to self development solutions including training courses
  5. market competitive salary
  6. contribution to fast growing team
  7. implementation of solutions disrupting market
  8. non-corporate, direct, open and dynamic work environment
  9. motivational program including shareholding


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Hi @Igor,

This sounds like an exciting job. I like that you mentioned non-corporate, direct work environment. I love work like this.

Unfortunately I don’t live near Wroclaw nor do I speak Polish (I know like 5 words :grinning:) but because you also listed English and said that all is about results and not location I’m applying nevertheless. If these requirements are not show-stoppers for you I’m sure I can provide you with exactly that - good results.

Because I meet all the other requirements pretty much exactly.

I’m Maccesch, a Software Engineer with 15+ years experience in
, 8+ for Three.js/WebGL/GLSL. Unfortunately not many of my Three.js projects are publicly available but this is my github: maccesch (Marc-Stefan Cassola) · GitHub .

My biggest Three.js project was a cutting edge dental imaging app where I wrote lot’s of custom shaders and algorithms like volumetric rendering, 3D image slicing, mesh auto-alignment, …

The client came to me with the idea of creating a web based app that can do all the work he was doing in his company with different proprietary desktop apps like diagnosing and implant planning. So in the first few months I created a proof of concept in Vue and Three.js to show the feasibility and that the performance requirements could be met. We actually ended up outperforming much of our desktop competition through clever optimisation.

After the proof of concept was done my client told me to hire and direct a team of programmers to develop this app to production state which we reached 2 years ago. It is in use ever since.

I used and developed advanced 3D math and geometry algorithms, partially in TypeScript and partially in Rust, to implement a variety of imaging and diagnostic tools.
On top of that, many custom shaders in GLSL were needed to do everything from volumetric rendering and slicing to image postprocessing.

This web app allowed the client to have a much more efficient workflow, real-time collaboration, introduction of AI assistance and allow more modern and interactive ways to communicate with his clients (other dentists).

Please see attached screenshot and CV as well as this short

1 minute video introduction.

I’d love to show you more in an interview. For this or any other question please don’t hesitate to DM me.

Discord: maccesch#0151
Telegram: Contact @maccesch

CV-2023.pdf (3.3 MB)

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Check out my threejs project for architectural 3d visualization. This threejs project is designed for urban and interior designs presentation in virtual experience.

Please contact me if you feel this will add value to your projects.


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Hi @Igor, this is an ideal match for my skills and experience.
I am a senior frontend engineer with 6+ years of experience in react(nextjs), vue(nuxtjs), threejs(r3f), typescript, and PlayCanvas.


Hope to hear from you.



Hope you are doing well

As I have seen your post and I have 6 plus years’ of experience on this and I can do the job and I have read out all the requirements mentioned above and you can reach me out at

Can we discus more on this?

Thanks& Regards

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